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About Us ~ ብዛዕባና


Welcome to Modern Commercial Solutions (MCS) Eritrea home finder!

Modern Commercial Solutions (MCS) is your one stop source for all your real estate needs & solutions in Eritrea. Whether you are looking for an apartment, condominium, guest house, long or short term, furnished or unfurnished, rent or purchase, a commercial property, MCS Eritrea home finder will help you find it.  Our real estate professionals will make finding that perfect property easy, legit, and hassle-free online and on-ground business experience in Eritrea!

Our Website can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and is always open showcasing the best properties that Eritrea has to offer!


The mission of MCS is to provide Real estate solutions that help enable our customers & entrepreneurs to succeed in Eritrea!

Headquartered in Louisiana, U.S.A.

Strategic Business Alliance:
MCS has formed strategic business alliance with associate centers & professionals located in:
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Germany, Holland, India, Japan, Kenya, Norway, Uganda, United Kingdom & United States of America.


  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Urban and Remote Area Real Estate Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing
  • Buying & Selling of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Document Management
  • Sub-contracting Real Estate related projects
  • Property Management
  • Management & Operation of furnished/serviced apartments, condominiums, guest houses, offices, warehouses, etc.

In addition, we offer the following services & support to help enable you & your business to succeed in Eritrea:

  • Professional Classified Ads Development
  • Professional Website Development
  • Driver’s license conversion
  • Cultural training